Sunday, January 3, 2010

Gardening! Part Quatre

I have plants :D

Now to rotary-hoe all that dirt and dig in the 7 bags of compost and stuff that is in the boot of my car.

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  1. Go for it April! Can't wait to see the finished results...and just imagine how damn gorgeous and lush it's going to look in a few months when all the plants have settled in and "taken". Sensational!

  2. thanks Lesley! Husband tells me his dad has a rotary hoe, and that he will dig it all up. I am hoping he will go and get it tomorrow and I can start planting this week after work.

    I brought smaller plants, as I am not known as the best gardner, and couldn't justify the cost if I am just going to kill it, so it will look a bit bare for a while, but it should be great next summer :D


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