Friday, January 1, 2010

Ikea, really is Swedish for hell!

Whilst I am on holidays, I thought it would be wise to take a trip to Ikea to pick up a few goodies, namely a birthday present for my nephew, as I couldn't be certain I would have the time once I returned to work.

So I organized with a friend to come with me, as there was no way in hell the husband was going to come. Unfortunately, the poor thing got sick the night before and really wasn't in a state to make such a trip. The poor thing, I felt for her, as I knew she wanted to go, as her husbands opinion of Ikea is somewhat similar to my husbands (actually, they share a lot of similar opinions, both also hate Bunnings).

So I took myself on a journey that took 3 hours to get there, due to roadworks and heavy traffic over the bridge. But I made it. And I made it through the showroom in record time too. After a quick bite of lunch (half a children's serve of meat balls, it's a sad day when you can't even finish a child's meal) I was off for a wander through the second half of the store. I only needed a few items, a children's table and chair set and an ALVE bench stool for the office.

But along the way I collected some toys for a friends new baby, some lanterns for the garden, some cute serviettes, and a few plants. They were quite cheap, and I figured if they died, well so be it. And I could guarantee that they weren't that price at the nursery.

Turns out my bench seat was stored out the back, so I had to get an order form for that, and that the table and chair set came in two boxes. Which, unfortuantly, would not fit on my trolley, as it was now full of plants. So I kinda shuffled to the checkouts, where a man was quite rude to me about how much I had brought. Honestly mate, I dont care that you have three items, I was in the line a good 5 minutes before you, you could have picked another line!

Anyway, I scanned my goods, paid for them (as you do) and went to collect my bench seat. After half an hour they finally bring it to me, and i set off to find the car. I leave my goods at the docking station, and bring the car over to the loading bay (cursing the fact that I am alone, as I wasn't too keen on leaving all my goods at the loading bay, as the attendant was kinda vague).

So I bring the car around, kinda stressed, wishing i was at home in the air con (Oh yeah, it was mid 30 degrees yesterday and windy!). I load my plants into the car and leave. I get fuel after the tunnel, and get back over the bridge where the traffic is less. I stop at Bunnings to get some compost and plant things, and continue on my merry way, leaving my stress in the city.

I got half way home before realizing I hadn't seen the table top in the car when I loaded my Bunnings goodies. I pull over and check the car over. Nope, no table top.

*insert colourful language here*

I have no recollection of putting my trolley away, and can only presume that I didn't, as I surely would have noticed a bright blue table top. Right? I am the kind of person who will return mine, and other peoples, trolley's to they bay, so it seems odd that I didn't return it. But I have no idea where my table top went.

Luckily, when I rang Ikea, they said if I bring in my receipt they will replace it. Which unfortunately means another trip to Ikea this weekend. Bloody hell!

Ikea, it really is Swedish for hell!

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  1. Hate to say it but I told you so :P

  2. Don't be silly Megs, you don't hate saying that at all :P

    Lucky I still love you!

  3. We went on Monday and it was hell.
    Going there is worse than constructing the furniture you buy there! And getting out of the car park is like escaping a labrinth.

    I have never heard my husband sigh so much!

  4. I'm almost better! When are we going? I'll keep you amused this time so the trip won't be so painful I promise!

  5. Megs, our carpark isn't too bad, there is one tight bend as you go up the ramp, but it is fairly straight forward from there on. I understand about husbands sighing though...mine is still grizzling about our trip 3 weeks ago!

    Kerry, given it is now Saturday, how does Sunday sound? We can do it today if you like though, I am easy. And glad you are feeling better.


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