Sunday, October 4, 2009

26 by 26 - Update

1. Renovate the kitchen
2. Start a herb garden
3. Go to a weekly exercise class majority of weeks
4. Learn to take photos in manual properly
5. Lose 20kg
6. Convince Brian we need new scanpan saucepans
7. Buy a new mac
8. Use my mobile less
9. Laugh more
10. Spend more time with my friends
11. Finish my diploma
12. Be on my way to getting pregnant
13. Read more, watch less
14. Visit C in Tassie
15. Buy new designer sunnies
16. Learn to cook a new dish a month
17. Stop being a hormonal bitch to the husband (I kinda like being a hormonal bitch. It works for me! LOL )
18. Have a fashionable new wardrobe
19. Finally take my mum to a high tea
20. Get to know my neice and nephew
21. Find a new hobby
22. Save more
23. Donate more to charity
24. Start a HR course
25. Donate blood
26. Go away with husband for some 'us' time.

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