Sunday, October 4, 2009

Christmas is coming

So, the other day I was in Myer, and I may have spotted the christmas deco's downstairs, whilst I was looking for shoes.

Without needing any more decorations, especially for someone who hasnt had a proper tree in 3 years, I made a few purchase

The coolest mirror star thing!

Aqua bead ball

Aqua birdie

Aqua Mercury glass baubble

Another birdie (there was 2 aqua, two white)

Silver bead Ball

Crystal drops

Blown glass ball (I want more of these, must remember to check out my own Myer next week)

Blue glitter snowflake

I brought a few plain coloured baubles, and plan to get some more of the plain glass and mercury baubles, as I have fallen in love with them. As we're not having a tree this year, I want to make a dowel tree. Will see

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  1. Those are so gorgeous! I want some too! I love Chrissy decorations, can't help myself buying mroe every year.


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