Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Pulling on my cranky pants

i love my job. i love my job. i love my job.

Surely if I say it enough times, it will come true.

To explain, I work in a small company, where there are 15 office staff in my area. Generally there is only one person in each area, maybe 2, but they have different roles. So when one person goes on leave, your role is left empty until you return. The only exception to this is reception, where the rest of us have to take turns going and filling in out the front.

So, our revenue admin lady is on leave for 6 weeks, and it was agreed that I would cover the role. I was not informed of this until it had been decided. So I have to cover this ladies 40 hour role. Thats cool.

But I still have to cover my own 32 hours role. In 32 hours. So I get to cram 72 hours into 32. Awesome.

Second week in I am not doing so well. I like the man who works in revenue, but he is very different to my boss, who lets me go about things in a manner which suits myself, as long as the work gets done, she doesnt care how I do it, in what order I structure my day. Basically I have free rein of my schedule. This man expects me to not do any finance work (my usual work), and do things his way, right down to the very last detail of how to fold a letter.

Yes, how to fold an letter to put in an envelope

Thats not all. Simple instructions take half an hour for him to explain, as he goes through every detail in such extreme detail. Now, not to toot my own trumpet, but I am reasonably smart. I know how to use a computer, I know how to use our system,  and I know how to fold a letter!

I love my job

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  1. Oh, lord. That sounds truly nightmarish. You poor thing!


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