Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Lapbanding: The shit part

Remember when I said I would tell the truth about the good and the bad about lapbanding. Well here comes the bad.

The other morning someone at work mentioned a chicken parma they had for dinner the previous night. That made me want a parma BAD! and not just a shitty little one, made on a crappy snitzle of mass produced fake chicken. Oh no, I wanted the full chicken breast one. Much like this one:

So I went home, brought some chicken, some tomato paste, and some cheese (stupid reno's mean we have little food left in our house). I made it, it looked delicious, I salivated at the thought of the first bite

It went in the mouth. I chewed.

And chewed.

And chewed

And god help me, I chewed so much my jaw hurt.

And then it went down. In a lump. A very sore lump. A lump that had to be removed or go down.

Eventually it went down, but god damn it ruined my hunger for a parma!
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  1. Oh hunny I so know what you mean! God I miss sitting down to a good steak. My hubby is banded to and he can eat almost anything without a problem, me on the other hand have been having a dreadful time of late. Mark can push his through with a drink if something is stuck, but with me the only way out is up...yuck!

  2. Oh god, I know how you feel Kate! I tried to push some rice through last night (why I attempted rice I have no idea, it is impossible to chew rice!) and ended up with diet coke everywhere.

    Dammit, now I want steak! mmmm, juicy scotch steak with garlic butter. Right, so buying 1 bit of steak for dinner tonight!

  3. haha I know it's sad but Im so happy to have someone who understands! It's so funny when we go to the butcher...yes that's right just one piece of crumbed steak, yes to feed both of us, yes I know it's hard to believe! ;o)

  4. me too Kate. I go to a local butcher in my town, and still buy two, just so no-one asks. I freeze the other bit.

    People look at me oddly when i order an entree size, as if to say "you look like you eat more than that!"


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