Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Food

Someone asked me a while back about what I eat after having my band done.

So far *touching wood* I can eat most things that I could before. The key is to eat less of them. Steak is a hard one, I found that I have started to struggle with it this week after my second fill. Bread is a funny one, somedays I can do it, otherdays I just have to look at it and I start gagging.

So a typical day goes like this:

Breakfast: somedays nothing, somedays a cup of cold milo when I get to work.
Lunch: 3/4 of a toasted sandwich (I can do toasted sandwiches reasonably ok, might be because our toaster at work makes them paper thin).
Dinner: chicken or red meat that is about the size of my three year old niece's hand, two serving spoons of veggies
Snacks: a biscuit at morning tea time, a tub of pears (helps keep me regular seeing as though I dont get much fiber), and maybe some sort of dessert (surprisingly ice-cream goes down really well :S)

So there you go, thats what I eat in a day. It needs improvement, same with my exercise regime, but it's getting there.
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