Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Meet Gus

Meet German Shepard Gus. And some random Murray Codd.

Gus came to live with us, after my stepdad had to fail him at Guard Dog School (he is a dog trainer for government security dogs). Gus failed because he was just too nice. Bad for the government having paid for him. Good for us :D

Gus is 4.5 years old, and a beautiful dog. He is one big giant puppy. Nothing phases him, he is happy running around the backyard, chewing sticks, growling at next doors dog, bossing our other dog around. His favourite place to sit is in the back of the ute, an regularly goes to work with the husband. He loves it. He loves to pay with the hose, and has even managed to love the fishing boat, after a very rocky start.

Best of all, he is happy enough to sit on the backdoor step in the freezing cold, just to protect me when the husband is away over night.

I love my puppy

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  1. Oh I didnt know you had a German Shepard! I want to add one to my family eventually, and call him Jacob(obsessed with Twilight much?)! He sounds adorable, I love his black nose!


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