Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Herb/Veggie garden

One of the things on my list to do before my 26th birthday was to start a veggie/herb garden.

I have chosen my spot, it is in between the last two posts of the veranda at the back of our house (ie the space where the window is, not the door). I am just waiting for the pavers to be put down before we build it.

But I have started in a couple of planter boxes we have.

Firstly there are strawberries...nom nom

Lettuce mix (I spend a fortune on this stuff normally, and never eat it all, so I like the idea of only taking what I need when I cook)

Spring Onions, not sure if they are doing to well though

Rosemary on the left and corn on the right

When the beds are built, I have plans for
*cherry tomatoes
*baby beetroot

Do you have a veggie patch? What is in it?

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  1. Lovely blog! I've got a vege patch but it only has tomatos in it at the moment (which i don't eat) and another unknown herb. Plan on changing that in the coming weeks, herb gardens are so damn handy

  2. Thanks BVR.

    lol, mystery herb sounds interessting, it is legal, right ;)

  3. Oh they look fabulous. We have just planted our fits vegie patch in an old wine barrel, and have another one waiting to be filled! MY BIL had a bunch of things he didn;t have room for, so passed them onto us, so now we have
    *spring onions
    *salad leaves/spinach
    *mint (in a seperate pot so it doesn't take over.

    We are hoping to fill another pot entirely with zuchini (which apparently grows pretty big), and another with more salad leaves, maybe some broccoli, leek, corn...aregh, so many plans, so little time!


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