Thursday, October 8, 2009

Wrapping the whole world

Ok, so buying Christmas deco's the other day started something.

It started with wrapping paper. With a blue theme. And google.

I am thinking of going for the damask blue one on the left, with a solid blue band, but with a cream organza ribbon. I love wrapping presents, I usually like it more than unwrapping the gifts!

Check out Wrap Co for more stunning gift wraps

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  1. the wrapped boxes are artwork!!!

  2. I know, they are lovely, aren't they!

    The husband thinks I am strange, as I put so much effort into our tree and gifts. He wonders what I will do when we have kids and they make decorations in kindy, and they dont match anything else...actually, I worry about that too. Maybe Nanny would like them :S

    (I am joking)


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