Friday, October 23, 2009

Challenge 22: $200 shopping spree on Etsy

You've got $200 USD credit at Etsy.  What do you buy?  Who for?  Why do you love it?

Banana Bear Boutique $7.00 for my nephews

Exclusively By Maritza $22.00 for our office

Wapa $35.00 for our outdoor area.

Designs by Nancy T $16.00 for my cat loving mummy (who is possibly allergic to her own cat :( )

Home Centric $20.00 (for our spare room)

Home Centric $28.20 for our room

Kuklak $20.00 for my niece

Vintage Coquette $24.00 for my iphone

Lewas Designs $12.00 for my new computer

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  1. Wow those outdoor lights are divine and now I really really want to go to etsy and buy myself an fancy laptop sticker!! Must. Restrain. Myself!

    Great list :)

  2. i love the laptop decals
    i have to get one of those

  3. Great list! Love those cushions too! I like that you shared the love and bought for other people too!

  4. love it all!!!!!!
    great post :)

  5. OOoh lovely cushions! I didn't know you could even get those laptop decals - how awesome :)

    Lovely choices!


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