Thursday, June 18, 2009


With a birthday coming up, the husband and I had a discussion. It went a little something like this:

Me: I will do you a deal
Him: yes....
Me: I will trade my burberry scarf and sell my current computer, if i can buy a new macbook pro
Him:What exactly is a scarf going to cost?
Me: six hundred-is
Him: well there goes our weekend away for your birthday

Now, this poses the following question: if it is my present, why should i have to share it.

Now call me selfish, but every other year I choose something that will benefit us both (to prove this, my mum brought me overnight bags for my birthday this year, and husband goes away more than I do). Husband however only gets presents he can use, like fishing/camping/hunting stuff (ok, so i could use them if i was so inclined, but I am not, so i dont). So this year I wanted something for just me. Something that I could enjoy and not have to share. Sure if we were going away AS WELL as my present, all good, but i dont want to go away as my birthday present. Husband thinks I am being selfish, which I probably am, but its my brithday, and I will cry if i want to.

So tell me, am i being selfish for wanting a present for just me?
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  1. I don't think you're being selfish at all!
    Birthday's are the only 'you' day, you should get whatever you darn want!

  2. i dont think its selfish though im spoilt - boyfriend takes me away and gets me only me pressies :)

  3. Not selfish. Not one little bit. Your birthday, your gift. It is the one day you can say it's all about me and have it be ok!

    Though I did take N away for his birthday this year to Melbourne. But it was for the Formula 1. Clearly not for me. I also didn't even get to go shopping. Proves further it wasn't for me.

    Demand a gift for you girl!

  4. I don't think you are being selfish at all, but it's your birthday and you are allowed to be!! At least he doesn't have to wonder if you will like your gift. :) If you want a MacBook Pro, you should be able to get one.

  5. Even if it is a tad bit selfish -not the kind you should feel bad for- I think HE is being selfish for not wanting to do what you want. Its YOUR birthday!

  6. No I agree with you - going away is a "couple" thing to do (unless specific like Teneal's example)

    I always insist on a me present ;)


  7. So what if you are? Your birthday is the one day of the year when it’s all about you, be as selfish as you like!

  8. Not at all - or like was said - not in a way that you should feel guilty for. I'd stick to your guns.

  9. I'd demand a 'me' present as well as going away. My DH and I stupidly got married on my birthday, so now forever and a day, I have to share MY day lol.

  10. i just found out last night that i didn't actually 'get' a birthday present. we were in QLD the week that my birthday was, the beloved wanted to go quad biking on my actual birthday, he paid for it but found out that the actual payment wasn't ever deducted from his credit card. ($250). he tried telling me that going quad bike riding was my present. hmph! the non payment was probably a detail he could have kept to himself. i feel thoroughly ripped off ! the day before (his birthday) i spent $300 on V8 supercar merchanside for him as his birthday present at DJR. :(

    demand gifts ! AND a trip away !


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