Thursday, June 4, 2009

OMG, we are almost done

I had worked up some time at work, and decided to make the most of the long weekend this weekend and make it into an extra long weekend...6 days to be precise. So yesterday I had doctors appointments, and we planned to spend Thursday and Friday renovating in attempt to get it all finished, waiting for the carpet people next week.

So after some foot stomping (mine), a tantrum (again mine), and some choice words at the weather (both of ours, it has rained for 3 days straight, making it very interesting to get timber from Bunnings (an hour away) to home.) But we got there

Bedroom mostly painted. I plan to do all the skirtings tomorrow

The robe doors back in, still needing to be painted

The shelves which are currently housing a lot of tools (oh and my lonely work shirt to make sure )

The lights and fan (I put the fan together...twice in fact, due to putting half the blades upside down the first time. Doh! )

The hallway. We still need to paint the front door, and will then have the glass replaced after that. But you get the idea
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  1. That looks great!

    I'd love that much room in my wardrobe. Sigh. x

  2. It looks amazing ! Good Job :)

  3. It may sound weird, but I love the lighting. It's classic, yet really contemporary. I love recessed lighting.


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