Sunday, June 28, 2009

Virtual Changerooms

I am having a bit of a boring sunday, and went on a blog hunt. I came across the Domestic Goddess on L Plates, and was quite fascinated by her post about the virtual change room. So I went and checked out Polyvore and an hour later came out wishing I a)was a size 10 b) didnt have a credit card limit and c)lived in the US, as our dollar sucks these days.

But it was fun to create a fashion. DG put it out there (actually I think someone else put it out there, and DG was commenting on it) that: "If I asked you to slip on a pair of jeans, a simple top, a pair of flat shoes, and any accessories you liked, what would you come up with? No doubt you'd come out looking vastly different to the next person, but how?"

so this is what I came up with:

Fairly simple relaxed clothes, with a little bit of glam in there, and some pretty different shoes. My engagement ring and pearl/diamond studs are fairly standard in most outfits.

Hmmm, wonder where I can get Marc Jacob cat shoes in Oz?
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  1. I've had a bit of a look at that Polyvore site too. Agree that it would be nice to have a limitless credit card and live in the US.
    Could probably spend hours on that site!

  2. They had the bunny ones at DJs not sure about the cat ones. Tinker has some bunnies, but they aren't MJ ones just copies *ahem* inspired by...

  3. ohhh, i wonder if bunny ones come in april size?

  4. Polyvore is one of my favourite sites.


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