Monday, June 15, 2009

iPhone 3.0

being the nerd that I am, and an Apple fan-girl, I can't wait for 3.0 to be released.

So much so that I have set my alarm an hour earlier for Wednesday so that I can download it before work.

Man I am lame. LOL
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  1. Umm, I will probably do that too! I hadn't even thought of it til now, but I am sure both N and I will get up early for it :D

  2. nope, i did the ultimate geek thing and got it tonight :O

  3. When's it actually out? I'll probably just d/l on the weekend .. if I remember!

  4. Oh I will have to do this too - I almost held off from buying my iPhone until the new one came out but just couldn't bare the wait.

  5. comes out on WEDNESDAY our time Kahlee. It is well worth it, even for just the spotlight function

    I actually dont think I will buy a new one, as I dont beleive it will be worth the cost, and there is a strong probability the one released 2010 will be a huge change to the current model.


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