Sunday, June 7, 2009


No, not the hip grinding, becoming naked kind. Instead it was stripping 100 years of paint from our front door kind.

Now I know the results will be worth it. But Oh. MY. GOD. The pain in my back. Really do need to invest in a higher work bench. Though not sure how that will go fitting in my hallway, seeing as though that was where I chose to strip the paint (read: the door was quite heavy, and that was as far as I could go).

So, 6 hours later, a very cold house (maybe should have picked a better day to do this, not the 8 degrees raining day I did chose) I have ended up with this.

Finally the putty was dry and we could hang the door back up (thank god for that, it was freezing in the house!)

On Sunday I gave the door a coat of undercoat
A couple of coats of paint later (still needs another coat, and the trim painted)

It hasnt come up to bad considering there used to be a deadbolt hole, and a number of other imperfections in the door (the current holes are for the door handle to go back on when painting has finished).

We still have to paint the surrounds and side panels and replace the glass. 

Not long now...
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