Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Last night I tweeted (sorry, i would give you a link to my Twitter, but the work place doesnt allow Twitter, but they allow millions of coffee and smoke breaks *shakes fists*) about what I love and hate about the same item.

What I love about my mac: the duckheads - makes it so much easier to move power between the office and the lounge room.

What I hate about my mac: the USB ports being next to each other. It makes it impossible to use bigger devices, such as my card reader. I much prefer it on my Macbook Pro where they are on opposite sides.

Now, a friend asked me what a duckhead is. I couldnt explain it in 140 characters, so Gem, this is for you

The little plug with no cord is the duckhead. The thing I like most about it is that I have the little plug left in the office power point, and the cord behind the couch. When I want to move power source i just unconnect the charger (the white box) and attach it to the other device. I dont have to get behind the couch to find the cord.
Also, if I go overseas, i just buy that countries duck head. How easy. No converters for me :D What makes it even more awesome, it is the same duckhead for my iPod, iPhone and Macbook Pro. So I have these little duckheads all over the house. extra awesome! Pin It


  1. hehe. while i was reading i was sitting there thinking 'whats a duck head?'.. but i just needed to keep scrolling and voila! my question answered!

  2. ahh i was wondering what a duck head was too! you're so lucky having a mac, they're so damn stylee xxx

  3. lol, I am thinking it is a geek thing to know what a duckhead is *blushes*

    I do love my macs.

  4. I know what a duckhead is April, although I think I am a geek so that probably doesn't help.

    My Dad put a mac together for me before I left for America and I love how interchangeable it is. :)

  5. lol Leila, like I said, a geek thing :P

  6. What rock have I been living under? My life suddenly got so much easier!

  7. I now have one and had no idea what a duckhead is! Alas, you have given me an 'ah-hah' moment.

    You are clearly my Mac genius :) They should be paying you commission!


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