Wednesday, June 24, 2009


The other day I mentioned that I don't believe in regrets.

Well I lie. I have one. A big one.

I regret not doing the Pulp Fiction dance at our wedding. For months the boyfriend had been harassing me for us to do it. And I agreed. But our lazy arsed selves never got around to learning it, so we did some shuffle thing.

Sitting her watching pulp fiction makes me wish we had, it would have been so cool.

Now, if you have no idea what I am going on about firstly get thee to a Blockbuster and hire yourself a copy, best movie ever. Or just watch this scene

Do it, before i shoot every last m'fo-ing last one of you Pin It


  1. You know we had private dance lessons for weeks. Had this perfect dance all ready. Even the night before the wedding we had a last minute session with our coach. It was perfect. Unfortunately on the day the band played the wrong song, it threw us so we ended up swaying pathetically and laughing hysterically. Not using a CD instead of the live band is another thing on my long list of regrets. April I have more regrets than I could possibly type.

  2. oh my, i would have been fuming, stupid band!

    i thought of another, well not regret, but life lesson, i wish we had visited our band before the wedding, as despite emails they didnt play the songs we wanted, and the woman was, well we arent entirely sure she is a woman :S

    oh well, in the grand scheme of things it gave it something to giggle at ;)


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