Friday, July 10, 2009

25 by 25

well on the eve of my 25th birthday, i thought I better fill this in. Clearly I sucked

1. Drink more water - at least 1.5Ltr a day
2. Cut back on my sugar intake
3. Loose 10 kilos
4. Find a job that keeps me entertained all day
5. Save for our new kitchen
6. Let go of the past
7. Go somewhere neither Brian or I have been
8. Donate blood
9. Pay off my credit card
10. Take my mum to a High Tea for her birthday...we have been saying we will do it for 10 years now
11. Do something interesting locally one weekend a month with Brian
12. Save more
13. Ride the Southern Star - they shut it down about a week after i posted about it
14. Have a dinner with my friends just to catch up
15. Walk our dog 3 times a week
16. Stick to a budget
17. Tell those I love that I do love them
18. Cut back on my internet time
19. Go to Tassie for a weekend Pin It


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