Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A work rant

Today, I am the cat. Actually, I have been the cat all week.

For some reason, apparently not being able to complete End of Financial Year, despite it now being July, is of no concern to the staff where I work.

It all started with wanting to have my creditors started first thing yesterday, resulting in my STARTING at lunch time thanks to a staff member who has zero time management skills. She had been given 2 weeks notice that I would require the invoices back by Friday, yet she finally got them back to me yesterday, but only because I had my big boss have words with her.

I finally got the file done, gave it to my superior to send off to the bank. It doesnt work. I cant resend the file as I am half way through a cheque run, which is also fcuked up. None of my cheques have names on them, and have a massive watermark over them.

I went home in a bad mood. It got worse this morning when IT dont see it as a priority to fix. I have now sat here for 3 and a half hours doing nothing work related, despite having plenty to do.

By the end of this week, someone's day will be fcuked up big time! Pin It


  1. Oh god, I totally feel you. I had a project due to go live online today and thanks to some scrambling in the system it is not working. It was working on the weekend and now I look like I didn't plan properly and didn't leave time for testing. Argh!

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  3. Oh I'm sorry. I know exactly how you feel! Sorry :( Sending good luck/karma your direction


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