Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Favourite Aldi Product

Now, i dont know about you, but I am a bit intimidated by Aldi. All those different brands, in different locations, and only limited choice on items. Not to mention the whole check out thing. i can not get my stuff back into my trolley that quick, no matter how hard i try!

But every now and then I venture in just to give it a go. And I occassionally find something I REALLY like. Today was that day

Today I came home from work early, and decided to go to Aldi for some veggies. I did manage to get the veggies, but along wiht a bag full of other things, like GRANDESSA Desserts Assorted - Hazelnut Mousse

Oh my, it is so good!! It isnt overly hazlenutty, just the right amount. and the tub it not too big and not to small. And it is only $1.49

Go on, go find some. you wont regret it. Well, you probably will if you are allergic to nuts, so maybe skip this one if you are, and go for the normal choc mousse

PS, sorry about the lack of pic, I ate it before I thought to take a picture.
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  1. Um... what is Aldi? A grocery store? Like unto Walmart maybe? I"M SO CONFUSED!

  2. I'm not very good at Aldi. Ok I totally suck. They don't have one up here in Mackay but they have one near our house in Brissy. I know people who can do their whole shop at Aldi, but I just can't do it, I find theres not enough products and I need at least four different kinds of that product to choose from.

    We venture in every now and then {once or twice a year} and often come out with our hands full of junk food.

    I don't like the check out either. All the people who work there are like super swipers and its all stacked up before you even have a chance to pick up your first item.

    I'm happy to admit, Aldi just isn't for me.

  3. Em, Aldi is like a walmart. It is a german company that have a lot of cheaper items, as they are imported from overseas. they also stock some Australian brands. Their checkout people just pile the stuff on this tiny little bench, and you are meant to toss it in your trolley and bag it elsewhere.

  4. I was just watching UNWRAPPED on the Food Network and they were talking about ALDI, I INSTANTLY thought of you and it reminded me to check your blog. :) Thank you for the info. They don't have an Aldi in Utah but I wish they did. It seemed VERY interesting to me.


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