Saturday, July 25, 2009

A happy dog

I cant remember if i mentioned it or not, but a few weeks ago the husband had a kangaroo commit suicide on his work ute. Thank god the lovely rail network pay for all damage, as he managed to damage a number of panels, including his bull bar. so in goes the hilux to the panel beaters, home comes an x-trail hire car for a fortnight.

Now, this poses a problem. The husband takes our german shepard (Gus) and jack russell (Ben) to work each day. They love it. Gus especially, he loves going in the ute, I think it is the highlight of his life!

Now, the xtrail isnt exactly accommodating for a german shepard who is malting something fierce. So the boys have been left at home during the day, much to Gus's dismay. He has been so sad.

Until yesterday, when the panel beater returned the ute. He was so excited, he circled the ute non-stop for half an hour. I finally relented and opened the tailgate for him, and voila, happy dog.

I worry about what will happen in 6 months time when we get a new ute, which isnt exactly accommodating for puppies :( Pin It


  1. Isn't he cute! Glad he is happy again :)

  2. I didn't know you had a GSD, I knew you had good taste though.


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