Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I've been shopping

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Many moons ago, my dad brought my a saucepan set for christmas. He spent a bit on it (well, for an 18 year old who is planning on moving out of home). It is a nice looking Baccarat one. It wasnt used for 2 years after i was given it, the box was opened when I moved in with the husband, almost 5 years ago.

And every day since I have heard how he doesnt like it. I can't work out why, other than he doesnt like how the steamer sits so low in the big saucepan. But he hates the whole set.

So, given I am a little bit of a Mastercheffan, I have been eyeing off the Scanpan CTX range, unfortunately, like most things, you pay for quality. But that is life.

So today I went shopping online. Luckily for him, I only brought one saucepan, and a chef pan. The plan is to collect the other two saucepans, the steamer, a frypan, and a baking dish. I figure there is a few present suggestions in that lot ;)

Oh how I cant wait for them to be delivered. Pin It

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