Thursday, July 2, 2009

Boom Boom Boom, it's Kitchen Time

With our car now sold, it is time to start thinking about the kitchen.

I am sure you have been bored with my hatred stories of the kitchen in the last 6 months, but just to remind you, this is the kitchen currently.
Attractive, isn't it! I especially love the curtain under the sink that hides the bins. Oh, and the taps that leak down the wall and into the cleaning product box. Nothing better than finding a box of steel wool all rusted out and soggy!

The only thing I like about the kitchen is our fridge and freezer (a wedding present from the inlaws) and my Kitchen Aid

And this is the plan
I know it is a bit small, but the general idea is that on the top wall there is the oven, cooktop, and appliance cupboard (is it sad that I am excited about not having the kettle and toaster on the bench). The big thing in the corner is the pantry, cupboards under the window on the left, and on the bottom wall the sink and dishwasher.

Tomorrow I go to look at laminate colours, and go on the search for the oven.

Bring on October so we can start!!

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