Thursday, July 23, 2009

Thongs in Winter?!?

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Ok, so when it comes to fashion, i am known to have an opinion or two. But todays opinion is one that I really detest.

I live in Australia, right down the bottom without going across the strait (Sorry tassie, but somedays you really are another country). It is winter. It is cold. I have not seen a temperature above 12 degrees in several months now. It snows. It rains. It hails. And that wind is darn icy!

So, given all the above, it is no wonder that I hate seeing people wearing thongs (flipflops) in winter. It is a bogan thing to do, made even worse when you wear socks with your thongs. Seriously, what is with that? Do you like getting frost bite in your toes?

Anyway, last Friday I finally got around to having an ingrown toenail removed. Of course, I booked it in for the same day I had a dentist appointment (ie, i forgot about the dentist until they rang me the day before, and since i have cancelled this appointment two other time, i felt bad cancelling it again).

Now, my toe is bandages quite heavily, making it 3 times as big as my actual toe. Of course, that means I cant wear shoes that come near my toe. Thongs it is. Farrrrk, I am going to fashion hell.

So off i troddle, in my thongs and jeans (I drew the line at wearing socks) to the dentist. Of course, my chauffeur (mummy dearest) wants to do a spot of shopping whilst we are in the city. Double fark, now, not only does my dentist see me commiting this sin, so does 100 other people. I get through it, hiding behind my scarf, and manage to only step in one puddle for the day.

Now, given that i relayed this story, and my opinion, to my boss, she asked if i have changed my ways, and am now less judgemental of those who wear thongs in winter?

My answer: nope, i am in fact more judgemental of them, as not only are they bogans, they are idiotic for willingly wearing thongs. Least i didnt have a choice, and proudly showed off that i had a bandage on my toe for all to see.

Whats your opinion on thongs in winter?

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  1. Well I live in Brisbane and am originally from the NT, so my view is a bit different as it doesn't actually get that cold in either place. I wear thongs in winter here if it's not cold. For instance today it's 24 or 25 degrees or something like that and lovely and mild, and it's fine weather for thongs. If it was colder I would be in sneakers for sure, but today it's fine for thongs. 12 degrees? WAY too cold for thongs!

  2. Well then, I guess I'm a bogan and proud of it. I switch between thongs & flats all the time in winter. I love my thongs.

  3. I live in Mackay but I have lived all over the place and wore them all through a freezing winter in sydney/perth too.

    B: When I lived in the NT allot of the time I didn't wear shoes.

  4. Another one who lives in brisbane so even in winter it is usually still fine weather to wear thongs.
    But thongs and socks is just down right bogan. Its so wrong i dont even think bogan is description enough for it. Socks and thongs/sandles/any open shoe is never ever ok!!
    But yes if i was in your weather i would agree, that thongs arent ok in winter but its warm here :)

  5. Down with those that wear thongs or "flip flops" in winter... bah!

  6. oh that gave me a giggle.

    I am from Brissy like Bethwyn and its really warm here today - my feet were sweating in covered shoes today.. so today thongs would have worked.

    But in the cold - no way! It just looks plain weird. (That said I remember when I first met my dag of a husband - he was wearing thongs and boardshorts in the midle of a Canberra winter brrr!) You can take the boy out of the beach but you cant take the beach out of the boy ;)

  7. for those who live in brisbane, or anywhere warm, i am insanely jealous. it is currently -2 degrees here!

  8. I own 54 pairs of heels, 6 pair of runners, 4 of Chuck Taylors,and I love to wear my toe socks with my Havianas. Your not a bogan if they're Havianas! ;-)


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