Friday, July 10, 2009

A bit of privacy

For several weeks now we have lived with black plastic on our windows (note for other renovators, buy a roll of concreators plastic, it is awesome and can be used for everything!). We used masking tape to stick it to the window. didnt look overly attractive, but it made the room nice and dark for sleeping.

So today the curtain lady came. We still have a pelmet on order (after she forgot to order it *cranky* especially when i thought the quote was already expensive to start off with, even more so when i found out that the quote didnt include said pelmet!! next time I am going to go elsewhere, as i really do feel that i was charged too much.)

But the start looks pretty darn awesome!

We chose to use the same drapes we have in the lounge/dining room, as we are happy with them. The pelmet and tie backs will be the contrasting stripe.

As i have an issue with hayfever and asthma, i didnt want continuous lace, so was thrilled when i discovered sunscreen blinds. You cant tell from the picture, but you can sort of see outside through them during the day. Apparently the darker the blind, the more you can see outside. They remind me of those sunshades you see on car windows for people who have kids, but stiffer.

In fact, I am so happy with the sunscreen blinds i am about to order one for my lounge room window, and will eventually order them for the kitchen windows.
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  1. Love the blinds, very elegant !

  2. They look fantastic April! I love the idea of the sunscreen blinds, just what I'm looking for for my kitchen window make over!


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