Sunday, July 5, 2009

Have you seen these chairs?

The other day when cruising the internetz, I came across The House That A-M Built. I love her house, it is devine, and something I could see the husband and I building in the future.

Now, the other day she posted the following photo of her kitchen, and I fell in love with her kitchen stools.

They are similar to our dining room chairs, and I know I have seen them somewhere recently. But like most things, I cant remember where.

Maybe you have seen them in your travels?

PS, just to prove I am not normally forgetful, last night over dinner at my parents I could recall the time FIFTEEN YEARS AGO when my dad brought me my old tv, and what else we brought, where we went, and what we ate for dinner (maccas with a caramel sundae). Pin It

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  1. I love that kitchen and the blog. You could email the owner, they're in Australia so I'm sure you'd be able to source the exact ones A.
    I love the bows from the seat ties.


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