Thursday, July 16, 2009

Something to make you giggle

When I lived with my mum, we had a chincilla cat, named Sasha (or 'eyes' if you are my husband, as before she died she had a yucky eye). She was such a lovely cat, very placid, quiet and very very soft. As long as you were quiet, she was happy, and would let you pat her for hours

One day someone sent me an email with this picture

And I laughed. And laughed. And almost wet myself. I showed my mum, she laughed and then banned me from buying limes. The cat looks just like our Sasha, and i think she could see where I was going with this.

Five years later, I am still laughing.

Now, my mum is a very private person, as she needs to be with her job, so when she set up MSN she didnt want her own picture associated with her profile. So guess what she got? LIMECAT!

Now, that was 2 years ago, and she still can't work out how to change the picture. which suits me fine, as it makes me giggle every time she signs in.
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