Monday, July 20, 2009

Ate. Cooked. Brought

Telle, over at Fat Mum Slim recently blogged about and article she read in the sunday paper a few weeks back, and has since made her own. I thought I might follow suite, as i look forward what she has to say on a monday (and every other day ending in a y ;) ) It is such a cute little segment.

ate: a very unhealthy weekend in our household, it all started with a sausage in bread for breakfast, as i hobbled to the chemist for more bandages, following with chips, chocolate and softdrink for the 4 hour journey to the sister in laws house. Am on a diet now.
cooked: absolutly nothing. The closest I came to cooking was chopping kabana at the sister in laws house for nibbles before dinner. The husband made dinner last night. Must say, i like this not cooking thing.
brought: besides the bucket load of junk food, on the way home from the dentist on Friday, i brought some traditional vanilla slices for desert, from the french bakery in Ballarat. Love that shop.
So what did you eat, cook, and buy (food wise) for the weekend.
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