Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Work Tool Wednesday: Pie Maker

Seeing as though I am on a renovating break, I am swapping my construction tools for my cooking tools.

This week it is the pie maker.

This is my most recent purchase (ok, i lie, i stole it from my mum when she was at work, not that she has used it in 5 years). However i did see them at Aldi recently for under $25. I used it the other night, and I must say I am super impressed. They are so simple to use.

We had left over pork the other night, and i didnt really feel like roast pork two nights in a row, so i chopped the pork finely, mixed it with some gravy, and cut out circles from store brought puff pastry. 10 minutes later I have two yummy pies, served with chips and steamed veggies.

I am now on the hunt for ideas of other pies I could make and store in the freezer. Pin It


  1. I love these! I used to use one all the time pre-gluten allergy. I made delicious cheese and cream corn pies.

  2. Oh yum Hanna, was it just cheese and creamed corn? I looooove creamed corn!


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