Saturday, July 25, 2009

A strange kinda phone call

Sorry, I have been slack, and storing my posts up, and never getting around to posting them, until now.

My parents live on a small farm, about 20 minutes from here. They have a few sheep, an alpaca and a couple of cats. Oh, and a fierce working dog who isnt overly friendly. My stepdad like to dabble in being a farmer, with a crop of something.

My mum, having grown up on a farm, isnt too keen on being a farmer, but puts up with it, as she loves her little sewing group. She, however doesnt love their house. It is small, old, needing repair, and A LOT more storage for her quilting stuff.

They have been toying with the idea of building a house since moving out there, so around 7 years now. This morning I had the strangest phone call.

*Phone rings*
Me: Hello
Mum: Order me a house
Me: HUH???
Mum: Rick said to just get the plans for a house and get it built
Me: Okaaaay, shouldnt you do that together
Mum: You're better at that stuff
Me: So i can choose any house (suddenly I am having visions of building my dream house, and plotting how to ship my parents off to a nursing home in a few years...just joking ;) )
Mum: yes
Me: what kind of house? Brick or weatherboard? How many bedrooms/living rooms/bathrooms/etc?
Mum: Brick, enough to keep me happy.
Me: Right.....

Officially the weirdest phone call ever.

But I am off to chose their house to build. Wonder if i get to decorate it too ;) Pin It


  1. How exciting! It sounds as though she gave you no guidelines like price wise. You could really have some fun with this. Do the folks down there do basements much? its a quick *relatively inexpensive-depending on where you live* way to double the size of your house. Keep us updated I'm excited to see what you choose.

  2. nope, no basements over here, which is annoying, as i always wanted my laundry to be in a basement, like on the simpsons!

    their land is quite flat (well, it is where the house will go), and it will be all one level as they will live in it until they are too old.

  3. Ramblers, Ranch, etc can be so cute. I can hardly wait to see what you choose! I'm the daughter of a general contractor so houses always fascinate me.

    You mentioned on my blog you have been on water restriction for 13 years. That's crazy, I have grown up for the most part in the desert and we've been in a drought for the last 10 years but our version of restrictions have been you can water twice a week. We actually thought we were going to drown last June when we got rain EVERY DAY for the first two weeks of the month, it was insane. If you were jealous of the sprinkler jump over to my other blog and check out the water fight that Grace got to participate in out in a small town close by. You'll LOVE it.


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