Sunday, April 12, 2009

I have new shoes

Ok, so they arent the most interesting pair of shoes in my (temporary) cupboard, but if they make me go to the gym, so be it.

When I brought them, the women was telling me all about the cushioning, and the support and some other crap, that really, i didnt care about. I liked them cos they were yellow. and kinda pretty. And most of all, like wearing my favourite purple Ugg boots.

So with new runners on feet, and some inspiration from my good friend Kerry, i have decided to give  C25K a go. Because lets face it, i am begining to look a bit like a potato on my couch.

Oh, and whilst we are talking about running, it would be appreciated if you could support my friend Carolyn who is running the Mother's Day classic in support for her best friend. Its a good cause, for a very brave woman! Best of luck to C

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  1. I like them! Yellow is good. Loving all your renovations at the mo! You inspired me to update my blog layout!! xxx


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