Thursday, April 16, 2009

Turning into my mother

It's official. Besides looking like my mother, I am turning into her as well.

I have just spend 2 hours browsing Esty for fabric. As well has haivng some fabric delivered tonight. And buying more tonight. And a sewing pattern.

Yup, just call me Ruthie.

But because I like sharing with you, i shall show you my stash

I am also planning on making some of the bibs I posted about a few weeks ago. Now to find a weekend when my mummy is home to sew it all for me help me with it ;)
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  1. Oh dear, if turning into your mother means that you can make those adorable giraffes then it must be a good thing, right? I love the fabric that you chose and, really, those giraffes are the cutest thing that I've seen in some time. Have fun making them!

  2. well hi there ! i had no idea that you stalked my blog, however i'm glad that you do. i LOVE yours and i'm so coveting those gorgeous giraffes !

    love, confusionsoup.

  3. Those giraffe's are gorgeous - I'd actually buy one of those, very cute!

  4. Ok. Not an crafty bone in my body. But that fabric - stunning! Seriously.


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