Friday, April 24, 2009

How a duck become a giraffe

The best thing about my job is having Friday's off. I love it, especially when it has rained all day and night (thank you god, Victoria needed it, and we need more if it's not too much trouble). So, with no tv to watch, and nothing good to do at home, I went to my mums' for the day.

Being the clever little thing I am, I took my Giraffe pattern and material with me.

Now my mum is a shift worker, and had just come off night shift, so I possibly didnt pick my day too well, but for the little sense she made, I didnt do too badly. Besides stuffing the boddy with batting rather than stuffing (she said the bag by the window in the sewing room...clearly I picked the wrong bag). 

But I am proud to say that I cut, sewed, stuffed, and made eyes and ears for my giraffes with no assistance from my ever-so-tallented mother. However, I have left Gertie (as it shall now be known) with her to sew up his stuffing holes, as she is far better at that kind of thing than I am.

And this was the result

Not too bad, despite the wonky ears. Will post a finished photo when he is done
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  1. He was super easy to make (duh, i cant even sew on a button, and I made it). I am thinking i need to make a bigger one now in a different colour


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