Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Things I love

Nothing interesting is happening on the home front, other than I might finally be getting better, and that I have new Tupperware.

So this post is about the things I love right now

Am yet to use it on a cake, but it looks so easy to use!

Duck Magic Scrubs for Cleaning the bathroom. Sorry to those who do the whole vinegar and bicard thing, but I really can't make it work for us, Brian is too much of a fan of spreading soap scum!

After 4 weeks, we finally have our tv back from the repair place, which means I have a renewed love for our Apple TV

We love it so much we got rid of our DVD player as it hadnt been used in the 12 months we have had our Apple TV.

Next is my  Canon 450D

I brought my camera a year ago, and never really got around to learning how to use it properly. For months now I have been shooting in Auto (oh the shame). This week I have made myself sit down and learn how to shoot in manual. And by golly I think I might have finally learnt something. I do however now have 6 million photos of my cat ;)

And finally, I love our wood heater that my husband lights for me each night when we get home

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