Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A tradition in our house

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Every Monday we get the Aldi catalogue. Now we get other catalogues, but none of them are as interesting as the aldi one.

Why is the Aldi catalogue so interesting, you ask?

It isn't because I am a bargain shopper and get the cheaper food at Aldi, as well I am far to lazy to go to two supermarkets, so I still shop at Woolies. It's because you never know what you are going to get. You never know what random thing Aldi will advertise. This week it is linen (reasonable looking linen too, no idea on the quality though). The other week it was a generator.

A GENERATOR I TELL YOU! Like the one in our shed. That was the week they also had power tools. Before that it was camping gear. And shoes. The list goes on.

And so we look forward to Mondays to see what random products Aldi will come out with.

How sad am I?!?
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  1. My mum is obsessed with ALDI. She alwasy buys crazy things. She has bought a toboggan (we live in qld), a violin and a inflatable sponge bob square pants sleep bag ! Crazy Stuff !

  2. Although I am familiar with the store, my brother-in-law used to be obessed with buying canned food there for some reason and I've been to one in Germany with my mom, I didn't know they had a catalogue. Of course I had to follow the link...interesting stuff indeed. lol

  3. Ahhh, how could I forget the violin week! Was a 'what the..." moment!

  4. I get my aldi catalouge in my email every thursday, and I always look forward to it! I've gotten some great stuff from there!!


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