Sunday, April 26, 2009

"Twinkle, twinkle, diamond ring,
In a blue box tied with string.
Tiffany's new princess cut,
Twice the size of baby's butt.
Twinkle twinkle, show your spark,
Can't change nappies in the dark."

It is a few months til my birthday, but as my husband is a avid reader of my blog (and a crap present buyer), I thought I would start hinting at present ideas now, so we dont have the same issues we had last year.

Story: Last year we brought a brand new car, that was meant to be delivered in a weeks time. It didnt arrive. So Brian tried with all of his might to get it here for my birthday. It didnt come. Disappointment. It was also iPhone launch day on my birthday...Optus didnt get their stock in. Major disappointment. I wanted a Kitchen Aid mixer. I got a handbag. Tears were shed. By Brian. When I sulked so much he brought me the the Kitchen Aid by the end of the day.

So here are my hints:

Dior On the Rocks Sunglasses

Or Dior Mist 2 in Black

Tiffany Key

That is the start of my list, I'm sure I will think of more as the weeks pass. Pin It


  1. oooh Husband hints via blog ... great idea!

  2. Oh I saw the Tiffany keys in a magazine at my hair salon the other week and immediately fell in love with them. Gorgeous!

  3. Ooh, this *is* a good idea. Might poach it.

    Love the little poem, btw...


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