Saturday, April 18, 2009

Another weekend spent renovating

Well, actually thats a lie, as it's only been one day. But ole Bronski has to go to work tormorrow in Melton (sucked in, having to work in the worst part of Melbourne), so it was today or nothing.

The slave driver I am chose today ;)

Now, the day started like this: we got up at 8.30, with plans to be at Mitre10 at 9 (they're only around the corner, so very handy) to get weatherboards and no more gaps. 9.30 we finally moved our bums from the couch. Got in ute. Flat battery, as brian left his fridge and fire radio going over night. Swear words were yelled. Generator removed from back of ute, battery charged.

Finally make it to Mitre10, get the stupid little boy who thinks he knows it all, when really he knows jack. I know more about building than he does (and i dont know much). He sells us overpriced weatherboards (mental note to self: shop around next time, they were $1.50/meter cheaper at Bunnings).

So now it's to start with removing old weatherboards, mainly because some fool cut the hole for the window too big, and no more gaps wasnt going to cut it this time. So off come the boards.

On go the boards. We get 2 boards from the top of the window and realize we are short. More expletives exchanged. Brian gets in the ute, tries to start it. Nothing. Battery still flat. I run and hide, as he is still holding his hammer, and i fear it going flying through the windscreen. Next door neighbor happens to drive by and gives him a tow start. Crisis averted.

Husband returns with weatherboards (now cursing buying a weatherboard house, so fricken expensive) and we continue. We get to the top of the window and Brian sends me to the shed to find the roll of stuff (so very descriptive). I presume he means the weatherstrip which is a giant roll of silver foil. Can't find it. Brian yells at me to open my eyes and have a boy (proper) look. Exchange expletives. He comes to look for it, still cant find it. Mark sarcastic remarks about having a proper look.

So off to Mitre 10 I go again. Seek our favorite store-man. He finds me what I want and promises to exchange it if boy doesn't want that stuff. Home again. husband impressed with my shopping abilities (yay me). Break for lunch (sausages with onion and sauce in bread, as i was sooking our Mitre10 doesn't do a BBQ like Bunnings bastards!)

Come back after lunch, apply weather shield stuff (for those who don't know, it stops rain from getting under the boards when they are up against something like the top of a window). Am congratulated again on purchase, is 10 times better than the stuff we have somewhere. My step dad shows up, yet i still get told to get up a ladder. Now i don't have any issues with heights, but i can think of better places to be when the local morons keep driving by starting at my large rump up a ladder. Finish weatherboards off.

With my stepdad here, decide to install false ceiling, as he has better nailgun skills that i (pft, thats what they think). I get the job of walking the nail gun between them. Thrilling stuff. Ceiling finished.

Brian starts to pack up. Its 3.30. I crack the sulks and tell him to stop complaining to me about the mattress in the spare room, as he is the one who is stopping working. Retreat to couch and peruse Twitter. Sulking works, Brian continues working, he washes the weatherboards, and goes to no more gaps the gaps. Shit, knew we forgot something at Mitre10, and now they're shut. More expletives. Instead we rewire the switchboard so that the powerpoint in the hallway works (thank the lord, its only taken 3 years). Begin straightening the hallway wall. Eventually come to a hurdle and give up for the night.

And who said I don't know how to get people to do things I want them to??? Pin It


  1. Gosh you amaze me with your reno work!! You know what I did last weekend? I painted the inside of the window seat and I put some carpet in there so the Tinkers toys don't have to sit on tiles. I felt like it was renovating. *hangs head in shame* We need to rip out all the timber panelling downstairs and out a false ceiling in but we don't know how. I'm going to follow your progress closely. I wish we could do things like that!

  2. My best tip C is to make friends with an older type man at Mitre10 (or Bunnings, whichever is closest). Drum them for info. Otherwise, Google is your friend ;)

    You learn as you go, trust me, 4 years ago i didnt know how to use a hammer! Now i have my own (pink) hammer LOL


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