Wednesday, April 15, 2009

An apple a day...

It's no secret that I am an Apple lover. I love my macs.

It all started in 2003 when my ex-boyfriend brought me a pink iPod Mini. It was (and still is) very me. I love it to bits, I took it everywhere. Not only was it ever so handy at the gym (back when I used the gym), it was a fashion accessory.

Several years later, I brought a Macbook Pro. And then a Macbook. And an Apple TV. And several other iPods. And an iPhone.

I will preach to anyone who is willing to listen the benefits of a mac over a windows computer. The ease of use, the better programs, the lack of errors, no viruses, the prettiness. Everyday I go to work and curse my windows computer. It restarts at least once a day. Internet Explorer closes down at least 12 times a day on me. It has more issues than I can count. It doesnt even come close to comparing to my mac at home.

Until I updated my blog at work today. It was a dream. Pictures inserted easily. Text didnt reformat itself for the fun of it. I was suprised.

And then it crashed, and I cursed, and figured it was god's way of telling me that Macs are still better than windows ;)

EDIT: I take it all back, I cant find the post about my weekends renovating from today, so clearly windows is not better
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  1. April through your mac praise I'm almost tempted to convert to a mac. Converting is really daunting though as I dont know anything else but windows and cursing at it.

  2. lol, just take the leap. You wont regret it. If you go to a specialist Apple store (as opposed to JB Hifi) they often have classes for new users. And of course I will help as much as i can :)

    As i said, do it, you wont regret it

  3. Good timing. I have almost convinced hubby to let me get a new laptop, and I want to 'convert' to Mac.

    I am a little scared, a little worried, but you have helped me stand by my decision.

  4. As you know April both myself & my husband work at Microsoft. My Dad however works with Mac's and uses Mac's at home. I have seen the pro's & con's for both Apple & Microsoft. I do believe though that is really is about personal preference and what your main use is.
    I hate bashing on either one just for the sake of bashing.
    I use a PC at home, however because I do a lot of video processing and mulitmedia type related hobbies I'm considering a Mac.

    Always nice to hear different opinions though. xxx


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