Sunday, April 19, 2009

A Painter I am not

In my next life, please god, don't make me be a painter. I dont have the patience for it, nor the skill. And lets just say I am not a skillful person up a ladder. I am however good entertainment for the kids next door. LOL

Today I painted the house. It took me an hour to stop cursing my father in law for not being willing to do it for me (terribly inconsiderate), and actually go and find the paint and brushes in the shed (finally, something I was able to find in there!)

So, this is what i started with

Now I wanted to reboard the whole wall, as some of those boards look like the origional ones from 1907, and well are coated in about 10 layers of paint. Paint that wasnt well maintained before we brought the house. But, after yesterdays incident with the weatherboard shopping, I was outvoted. Oh well, I dont plan to spend the rest of my life in this house, so someone else can deal with it.

So up the ladder the paint tin and I go, brush in mouth ala Mr Squiggle style. Paint tin comes dangerously close to falling off the ladder and onto the puppy below, but i stopped that one from occuring (thank god, as i couldnt be bothed bathing the dog). Start painting. Half way through the first coat my inlaws arrive. Great, some other poor suckers to help me do this. Unfortuantly they were on route to a car club function (likely excuse) and were not willing to help. How rude. I took your son and made him into a man, and you cant paint on lousy wall for me? Pft!

So i continue. I learn its 10 times easier to put a decent amount on the brush the first time. Eventually i get the first and second coats done.

Dont look too closely, you will see how rough i was. I will paint the green blue when the glazier has put the new glass in the top left window and done the front door. Until then it can stay cack green. Pin It

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  1. I hate painting. My parents old house we all painted together. Family effort. I had paint everywhere. In my hair for days. I sympathize. Sorry no one helped you. I too would have been annoyed!

    Love your blog. is mine. Have a sticky if your bored.


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