Friday, April 24, 2009

Good Karma, or Good Luck?

When we packed up all of our belongings from our bedroom before renovating, i took it as a time to have a good clean out of stuff i didnt use.

Thus my handbag collection got smaller. Between the two of us we filled 3 huge garbage bags of clothes, shoes and accessories. Not bad considering I last did a clean out at Christmas time.

Yesterday I received a call whilst I was at work. This is unusual, as generally I only get calls from my mum and husband at work, and as its the week before finance run, not even creditors ring me. I work for the government, they know they will get their coin.

So, anyway, I received a call at work from a lady who had brought a handbag from the Salvo's. My handbag. And apparently I had left some stuff in there (oops). Of those thigns were:
*my work name bar (handy, she knew who to call)
*some vitamins
*a tampon (which she returned...i would have thrown it in the bin personally, but eh)
*a receipt from Maccas
and my Tiffany Toggle bracelet. The bracelet Brian gave me for my 21st. The bracelet I hadnt even noticed was missing!

Now, either this woman is very honest, bless her cotton socks, or has no idea what that bracelet is worth. Either way, I am thankful for her going out of her way, not only to ring me at work about it, but to return everything to my letter box yesterday.

Somedays I curse living in the country, but other days, like today, i love how people will go out of their way for a stranger and do a good deed.

Makes me want to go out and help others though, which i suppose we all should do

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  1. Awww that's such a sweet story!! I guess you were doing something good in the first place by donating everything... which reminds me I've got 4 boxes of stuff at mum and dads still from last time I moved that I have to drop off at the local thrift shop too xx


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