Thursday, April 23, 2009

Help me decorate my hallway

Our TV is still in at the repair place (tis been 4 weeks now, not impressed) and I am finding myself thinking about things more.

Tonight's thought is not of the GFC, or poverty, but of how to decorate my hallway.

It is a narrow 'room' (see here if you dont know what my hall looks like. We used to have a hall table in there, but alas that is now  my linen press. And the space on the other wall is too narrow for the table (unless I want bruises on my legs for the next 5 years).

We have a feature wall in our lounge of wedding photos, so thats a no go. However it is the only wall that can be decorated in the hallway, so I want something there.

Do you have any suggestions of what i could do?
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  1. How about a big ornate old frame with a old style painting in it ? or for a modern twist , a really modern pic of your fave place. I have no idea !

  2. oh thats a good idea Camarli! Or even a big ornate frame with a off to google now

    Thanks :)

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