Friday, April 24, 2009

My first ever trip to centrelink

Today I made my first ever trip to centrelink. Not bad for someone who is almost 25!

Our centrelink is a brand new building that replaced a building that had no faults. I swear it was just a way to waste my tax payer money *shakes fists at friscal spending*

Now, whilst I have never been to centrelink, I am well awear of its reputation, and the going on's of the organisation. Hell, I even follow a guy who regularly tweets about his centrelink experiences (makes for good reading). So I went today expecting little.

And they were right on target! I go and and stand in the waiting section. Bless the weather, I was the only person waiting (1 point to centrelink). I wait 10 minutes in line (acceptable I suppose, its the same as an average wait time at woolies in my town).

And then it happens. I see a mouse.

Now, before anyone tells me "its just a little mouse, it won't hurt you", I once went to the toilet in the middle of the night and was bitten by a mouse. That is my story and I am sticking to it. Thank the lord I was on the loo, as I almost had an oops. Another time (at the same infested house) I went to the loo and stood on a mouse. So, yes, I am scared of mice to the point where I will run and scream at the sight of a mouse.

And that is just what I did today. I screamed, and ran to the couch in the waiting bay and sat there with my feet under my body.

Let's just say, I am never returning to my local centrelink again. I will happily drive the hour to the next town if I ever need to return to Centrelink. The woman who served me was giggling about it throughout our conversation about grant money. And whilst taking my identity. I swear I am on file as "the girl who screamed like being she was being murdered at the sight of a baby mouse".

And for all the points that centrelink scored, they lost 50 million by not having effective pest management.
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