Monday, April 20, 2009

Just a little bit pedantic?

To say i am a little bit pedantic about certain things in our household is to say Hilter was only a little bit mean to the jewish.

My big thing currently is clothes folding. Odd, i know, but hey, its the way i roll.

With our new robes, our folded clothes will be on a shelf, as opposed to being hidden in a drawer like they currently are. Which means I want things folded nicely, just incase Martha ever came to visit me, and looked in my cupboards (hey, it might happen one day). Now I tried the YouTube video and there are too many constraints. My shirts could end up folded different widths! Not to mention far to complicated for the boy!

So my newest purchase is a  Flip Fold System . It makes sure than everything is folded the same shape and size all the time. Hell it's so easy, the boy could do it!

All for the bargain price of $20. Money well spent on my sanity if you ask me!
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  1. But the T-shirts on that page you gave the link for are folded but not ironed... all wrinkled... do you like that? Or do you iron them first and then fold?

    I', mot as pedantic as you are, though. To visit us, Martha would have to make an appointment. A week or so in advance....

  2. my shirts would be nicely ironed.


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