Thursday, September 3, 2009

Blogs I Love

Given how much I love renovating our house, it is no suprise that I love reading other blogs about building and renovating.

My favourite building blog would have the be The House that A-M Built

A-M has the most amazing house, I am in love with it, and oh-so-jealous of it. It is the kind of house (ok a single story version) I can see the husband and I building in the future. I love its charm. I have to admit I have a folder on my laptop for house inspiration, and A-M has featured in there a few times.

I highly recommend checking out her blog for some inspiration. And if you are after some lovely gifts (maybe for yourself), she has a gift store with the most amazing things in it!

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  1. i looooove that blog too. it makes me very jealous. Especially the pool although not much call for one in tassie!!

  2. I discovered that blog a while ago and just love. Another jealous fan here.

    Am so in love with that kitchen.

  3. April, you are so, so kind. Thank you for your kind words about my bloggy blog and my house. It is such a surreal feeling seeing my house on other peoples blogs! After all, that 'front elevation', that you have pictured, was just a chicken scratch drawing that I carried around in my handbag for sooo long... and now, wow, I even have to pinch myself. Sometimes when I am sitting having a coffee, I look around and think 'wow, I am actually sitting in the real life version of my floor plan'... it has been an amazing expereience and I am so pleased I can share the experiences I have had (good and bad) with the most wonderful community here in blog land. I am so humbled that you have featured my place on your blog today. Thank you. A-M xx

  4. One of my fave's blogs too ! I love her sense of style and the home is so beautiful !


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