Friday, September 4, 2009

Weight Loss

It is hard to believe that 4 weeks ago I was about to go into surgery. I had no idea how it would change my life, which was incredibly frightening for me, as I am a little bit of a control freak.

Things that have changed in 4 weeks:
*I eat A LOT less. To put it into real terms, 5 weeks ago I would have eaten a large dinnerbox of rice and chinese for dinner, and been looking for something else as well. Tonight I ate half a small dinnerbox, and am full
*My chest bone has reappeared. I also have more defined hips, and my face is looking skinnier.
*My wedding band now fits on my finger (it previously didn't, and I was too proud to go and have it resized for the second time)
*My other favourite ring is too big! I need to have it made smaller, but I am going to wait for a bit to do that
*I sleep better. I no longer wake up feeling tired
*My work suit now falls off me, which is rather embarrassing when you don't wear a belt! I walked around for half a day holding my pants up :O

Now, because I know the picture is hard to get a grip on, I have officially lost 14.1kg since starting my pre-op diet. I am the same weight I was on my wedding day! And I am one fifth of the way to my goal!!!

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  1. *roars of cheers and applaused* I'm so happy for you! This is so great. I wish there was a magic way to for me to drop that much in 4 weeks... having an ulcer has helped me drop almost 8 pounds in two weeks... portion control :-) I'm so proud of you! Way to GO!

  2. 8 Pounds (once I worked out what it was metric) is awesome Em!

    I am a little bit chuffed with myself, I had this fear that I wouldnt lose any weight with the band, and I would be the fat person who couldnt lose weight even with $12,000 worth of surgery.

  3. CONGRATS, you should be soooo proud of your achievement!

  4. Thats a fantastic loss.
    Well done April!

  5. Well done chickie!

    You'll still be the same fabulous April to me, regardless of the weight!



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