Saturday, September 5, 2009

How to clean your keyboard

I have owned my macbook for 18 months now, and despite treating it better than my shoe collection (which I highly regard), the keyboard had turned a filthy brown colour. It was disgusting.

So, my good friend google, alongside my other good friend YouTube, told me to use magic erasers to clean it. Well actually it gave me some american product, which after some more research, is the same as a Chux Magic Eraser. What was even better, was that I actually had some of these in the cleaning box. I used it to clean marks off our loungeroom walls).

So I gave it a go, and I must admit, my keyboards looks cleaner now than the day I pulled it out of its box! And it feels so clean!!!

Now, if you are going to try this at home, make sure you turn your computer off and disconnect it from any power source. We don't want any nasty shocks. Ensure that you have wrung out all water from the foam pad, before wiping it over the keyboard. Make sure you wipe the keyboard down with paper-towel as soon as you have got the dirt off. It doesnt hurt to leave the keyboard in the sun for a few hours, just to be sure.

So there you go, you now have a nice clean keyboard, and dont have to regret buying a white computer.

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  1. My mother in law has raved about something similar for years ! Glad it worked !

  2. I did this last week with my poor gross looking MacBook and its now Like I have new computer! Ahhhh! LOVE IT! go go Magic Erasers!

  3. Thanks April. I did use metho the other day & that worked really well too.

  4. Its funny Ali, I think I have had the box for several years, and only started using them in the last month or so. I forgot I brought them.

    Em, how awesome is it to have a clean keyboard!

  5. I love magic erasers. I was astounded when they actually worked the way they said they would and with 4 kids smudging up the place, they are a dream come true! Gee I sound like an ad don't I?

  6. Magic Erasers eh? I just use a wet ones and wipe it over the keyboard. Works like a charm.


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