Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Walls: Part Four

I have been meaning to do this post for ages, but everytime I went to take a photo something got in the way, be it the mess outside, to my flat battery in the camera last night.

The new window and weatherboards on the side of the house. We need to order new flashing for the roof, but the old lot is doing a fine job right now. Oh, and you can see our *new* hot water system. My sister in law was lucky enough to get the government solar grant, and replaced their old hot water system with a solar one, so we claimed their old one. We figured that if it lasted us 6 months (it is only 6 years old, so should last longer than that) then we have got ourselves a bargain. My plan is to build a little lattice fence around it, as its kinda ugly to look at
And the finished back of the house, complete with wires for lights (yet to be chosen) and a garden tap (that the plumber put in the middle of nowhere, so it looks dickie from the side, as the tap sits so far out. NOT IMPRESSED!) I think we will put in a new bigger drain there, as it really is quite ridiculous.
(Spot the cranky cat, it hates me currently, as it was -2 degrees this morning and I made it go outside...mean cat-mummy)

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