Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Inside Walls: The Office

Our office was the first room we renovated. It used to be this storage room that had no floor, so we pulled out the exterior wall and laid a slab. We did the plastering ourselves, proving that we were not plasterers, and should hire people to do this for us in the future.

It has many flaws, but the husband wont come to the party on having it replastered completley.

I just searched both of our harddrives, and I don't have a photo of the kitchen wall that has the office and bathroom on it. Opps

Now, as we changed the roof height after we renovated the office, it meant we had to alter the wall so that it could support our new ceilings in the kitchen.

Husband could never work out why the wall and door frame didnt sit well together, until today when he discovered he used 70mm timber, not the 90mm he used in the bathroom! So it had to be replaced.

So whilst we carefully pulled out the old timber, a troublesome bit of timber went through the plaster. Oh drat! How sad! Best we pull out that entire wall!

Now, whilst we have no wall here, we might as well do some alterations, so we have moved the door across a bit in order to be able to fit arcitrave behind the door (we previously only had quad, and it looked dodgy!)

The plan for the office is that after the kitchen is finished, we will buy a new desk that will go in front of the office, and a small bookshelf in the corner of the room near the kitchen. We are also going to paint in there, and re-carpet.

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  1. seems the wall just wasn't meant to be. Yay to getting a new one.It seems like the renovations are coming along smoothly. Hows the cooking going?

  2. what is this cooking you speak of Danielle?

    Nah, it's not going too bad, my parents are on holidays for the week, and I have had to go and feed their cat each night, so Bri and I have been going there and cooking I miss fresh veggies. Microwave veggies are not the same :(


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