Monday, September 14, 2009

I make a good plumBer

I became the apprentice this weekend, to both a sparkie and a plumber. Unfortuantly for me, I have a slight cold, and say plumber weird, making it sound like plubber (the annoying birds).

The only adventure was when the husband disconnected our old hotwater system and connected our new one. When I turned the water back on, he realised that he left the water source (garden hose) connected to the old system. Sadly, he realised this after he flooded part of our kitchen.

I found it hilarious!

The plumbing and electrical work (and the un-modified kitchen plans)
The other side of the kitchen
The tapwork. I am currently dreaming about the day where I can wash dishes in a sink, and not a round bucket! Actually scrap that, I dream of the day where I can put dishes in a dishwasher

So that is where we are up to. Hopefully tomorrow the plastering gods arrive to make a mess. They are more than welcome to make a mess, as I am sick of hitting my head on wires for the downlights! Oh, and I would like some lights in the back part of my house (husband disconnected them as to not give the plastering god's a shock in the morning!)

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